About Sass

Sass was originally developed as a feature of the Haml markup language. Since then, Sass has outgrown its original home as part of Haml and is now a thriving project, much more popular than its original host project.

Sass Language

It was originally conceived of by Hampton Catlin in 2006, however he only remained an active Core Team member through version 2009 and is no longer actively developing on Sass. Natalie Weizenbaum is the primary developer and designer of Sass and has been involved in the project since the second commit. In 2008, Chris Eppstein joined the Sass Core Team and is also the creator of Compass. Since joining, he and Natalie have designed Sass together have created most of the modern features of the language.

Sass Website

The Sass website design was brought to you by the Sass Design Team, headed up by Jina Bolton .