Module System Preview

Posted 4 September 2019 by Natalie Weizenbaum

Exciting news, Sass fans! After a year of development and some iteration on the spec, we’re ready to launch a beta preview of the new Sass module system! We may still make a few last-minute tweaks based on user feedback, so don’t go using itin production just yet, but please do take this opportunity to play around with it and let us know what you think.

Installing the PreviewInstalling the Preview permalink

The preview release is available on all the normal distribution channels as version 1.23.0-module.beta.1. You can download it from the GitHub release page, or install it using one of the following commands (depending on your preferred installation channel):

$ npm install --save-dev sass@1.23.0-module.beta.1

$ npm install -g sass@1.23.0-module.beta.1

$ brew install sass/sass/sass@1.23.0-module.beta.1

$ choco install sass --version 1.23.0.modulebeta-1

$ pub global activate sass 1.23.0-module.beta.1

Note that 1.23.0 may not actually be the final version number for the stable module system release, it’s just the next minor version number in Dart Sass’s release series.

How to Use the Module SystemHow to Use the Module System permalink

The original summary of the module system is still a great way to learn how it works. You can also check out the official proposal for a much more detailed dive into its behavior.

Sending FeedbackSending Feedback permalink

If you have opinions on the module system, please file an issue on GitHub or just tweet at @SassCSS. We’ll take anything from "it looks awesome" to "it looks awful", although the more specific you can be the more information we have to work with!