Sass has an awesome community of designers and developers who love to spread the word and help people out. Here we’ve collected some resources. Happy Styling!

Everyone is welcome in the Sass community, except those who are unwelcoming. Please read and follow our community guidelines.

Thinking of contributing to Sass itself? We rely on everyone to keep Sass as stable as it is. Feel free to submit a patch via pull request to the Sass project.

Want to create your own Sass implementation? Check out our implementation guidelines.

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Sass is an open source project and we encourage you to contribute. You can contribute with bug reports and feature requests, and if you contribute code, we’ll love you forever. If you just want to help out but you’re not sure what to do, check out the "Help Wanted" label for the Sass language or for Dart Sass. These issues are a mix of feature requests, bugs, and tasks that aren’t coding-intensive that the developers think are a good place for someone new to the codebase to jump in.

Dart Sass is the reference implementation of Sass, and the easiest implementation to start hacking on. If you don’t know Dart, don’t worry! It’s very easy to pick up. Check out the contributing info for more information on helping out. Or, if you’re interested in helping add new features to the Sass language, look at the language contribution process.