Interface CompileResult

The result of compiling Sass to CSS. Returned by compile, compileAsync, compileString, and compileStringAsync.


  • CompileResult




css: string

The generated CSS.

Note that this never includes a sourceMapUrl comment—it's up to the caller to determine where to save the source map and how to link to it from the stylesheet.


loadedUrls: URL[]

The canonical URLs of all the stylesheets that were loaded during the Sass compilation. The order of these URLs is not guaranteed.

Optional sourceMap

sourceMap?: RawSourceMap

The object representation of the source map that maps locations in the generated CSS back to locations in the Sass source code.

This typically uses absolute file: URLs to refer to Sass files, although this can be controlled by having a custom Importer return ImporterResult.sourceMapUrl.

This is set if and only if Options.sourceMap is true.