The value of this in the context of a LegacyImporter or LegacyFunction callback.


This is only used by the legacy render and renderSync APIs. Use compile, compileString, compileAsync, and compileStringAsync instead.




options: {
    context: LegacyPluginThis;
    data?: string;
    file?: string;
    includePaths: string;
    indentType: 0 | 1;
    indentWidth: number;
    linefeed: "\r" | "\r\n" | "\n" | "\n\r";
    precision: 10;
    result: {
        stats: {
            entry: string;
            start: number;
    style: 1;

A partial representation of the options passed to render or renderSync.

Type declaration

  • context: LegacyPluginThis

    The same LegacyPluginThis instance that contains this object.

  • Optional data?: string

    The value passed to data.

  • Optional file?: string

    The value passed to file or file.

  • includePaths: string

    The value passed to includePaths separated by ";" on Windows or ":" on other operating systems. This always includes the current working directory as the first entry.

  • indentType: 0 | 1

    1 if indentType was "tab", 0 otherwise.

  • indentWidth: number

    The value passed to indentWidth, or 2 otherwise.

  • linefeed: "\r" | "\r\n" | "\n" | "\n\r"

    The value passed to linefeed, or "\n" otherwise.

  • precision: 10

    Always the number 10.

  • result: {
        stats: {
            entry: string;
            start: number;

    A partially-constructed LegacyResult object.

    • stats: {
          entry: string;
          start: number;

      Partial information about the compilation in progress.

      • entry: string

        file if it was passed, otherwise the string "data".

      • start: number

        The number of milliseconds between 1 January 1970 at 00:00:00 UTC and the time at which Sass compilation began.

  • style: 1

    Always the number 1.